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What are Meridian Points?

If you are new to Traditional Chinese Medicine, you may be wondering what Meridians are and why Dr. Sandy Ziya named her practice after them. In acupuncture and Chinese medicine, meridians are  a set of pathways in the body along which vital energy is said to flow. There are twelve such pathways associated with specific organs.

Dr. Sandy Ziya at Meridians and Marathons practices functional medicine

Why Choose Functional Medicine

Functional medicine provides a deeper dive into your heath. Looking “under the hood” past the surface-level symptoms, functional physicians provide a drug-free alternative treatment and approach to health. What is […]

Dr. Sandy Ziya's interview on Yin Yoga Lifestyle Radio

Yin Yoga Lifestyle Radio Podcast Part 1 | 4.21.19

Functional Physician Sandy Ziya at Meridians & Marathons is interviewed on Yin Yoga Lifestyle Radio to talk about her whole new approach to healthcare. Dr. Ziya takes the time to look at your body holistically to help you get well and stay well. Through the modalities of acupuncture, cupping, laser treatments, injectables, Chinese herbals and CBD, her treatments will minimize pain, aid in sports injury management and help you live longer!