Savor the Farmacy | 10.27.19 at Criswell Farm

Dr. Sandy Ziya spent a beautiful Sunday evening at Criswell Farm & Market for a one-of-a-kind farm to pharmacy event. People eager to take their first steps in healthy eating for longevity joined Dr. Sandy Ziya of Meridians & Marathons and Kevin from Criswell Farm & Market for this entertaining and informative event to learn more about sustainable, organic farming and how it is vital for healthy living.

The evening was chock-full of fun events including:

  • Touring an organic, sustainable farm
  • Sampling fresh herbs while learning about their healing benefits
  • Enjoying food tastings prepared fresh from the farm,
  • Joining in a led meditation session out in nature
  • Grounding their body and soul with a barefoot walk to benefit their health
  • Listening to local live music
  • Sampling organic wines

"If you missed us ...I have more ...stay close ! Thank you for all the love yesterday -So much learning sharing and growing. I’m ever grateful for each soul that invested the time." - Dr. Ziya.

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