Payment Policy

All payments are invoiced and due no later than the date of the service. For monthly training plans, your payment information will be saved and automatically charged each month. Cancellations must be given two week notice ahead of time.

Cancellation Policy

In the event you must cancel a standing appointment with an Meridians & Marathons coach outside of 24 hours, we will reschedule you with written notice. Written notice may serve as text via cell phone number please.

Less than 24 hours a cancel, written or otherwise, will result in a paid session. This is an industry standard.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and appreciation of everyone's time and schedule.

**No refunds given on any unused services.**

Coaching knows no boundaries, and Meridians & Marathons has a worldwide client base. Meridians & Marathons trains triathletes via personal consults and monthly training plans. Meridians & Marathons utilizes Training Peaks online software to deliver the best online coaching and training experience possible. Through this software, you will be able to access and track your daily workouts, diet, and race progress.

"No Sweat" Consultation:
$102/ 75 minutes

No contracts OR commitments required. Meet your coach. Learn her philosophy! Budget about 75 minutes of time to cover history, goals, general health and schedule. Please complete questionnaire and scan or bring to appointment.

Monthly Training Plan:

Customized training blocks are developed every two weeks. A phone consultation and unlimited email access with your Meridians & Marathons coach is also included.

Peak Performance Level Monthly Training Plan:

Ready to take your training to the next level? As with the monthly training plan, you will receive customized training blocks every two weeks. In addition, four 30-minute conference calls or 1:1 sessions in areas of your choosing to discuss progress or issues as well unlimited email access with your Meridians & Marathons coach is included.

1:1 Private Coaching Sessions:
$93/session; $500.00/six-pack

 Benefit from some dedicated, personal training from your Meridians & Marathons coach. Each 1:1 session lasts approximately 45 minutes.
Purchase a six-pack of private coaching sessions and save 10% off the total. All six-packs must be used within six calendar months of the date of purchase and paid in advance. No refunds on unused services.
Travel time, expenses and use of facilities/entry fees will also be calculated into the above costs. 

Swim Instruction/Video Analysis:

Learn how to save time from swimming endless meters without any improvement. Get immediate critique of inefficiencies. Learn strategies from an experienced coach who has helped dozens of athletes of all ages to improve swim times, stroke, all while staying injury free. You will get drills to improve (and yes, anyone can improve) instead of a mindless list of various distances and paces to swim. A coach who individualizes and strategizes for their athlete is a true coach. Anyone can write up a work set! To see what the difference is, give Meridians & Marathons a try.

Run Efficiency Analysis:

From observation and shared video analysis, learn about your running style and how attention to form can make a difference. To save energy and improve form will allow more running, longer runs, and more years of running overall. Make an investment in your running by making shifts toward running economy before injury strikes. Shoe analysis will also be discussed. Of the three sports, this is the one everyone assumes they can get by on their own UNTIL stymied by injury. Engage before that happens, and let's clean up that run for a better overall running experience!

Bike Analysis:

This starts with a recommendation for a good bike fit-- from that we work on developing areas of weakness to make the athlete stronger and more efficient in the saddle. Without simply overspending on gear at the bike shop, we examine core, leg alignment and cervical spine strength. We will then provide the athlete with drills/stretches to focus on those elements. Aerodynamics comes with proper alignment AND gear!

Video Analysis:

Form and technique advice offered via visual feedback. Available for swimming, biking, and running. This is helpful for gauging improvement. The video clip stays with athlete for learning purposes.

Open Water Swim Session:

Provide side-by-side instruction in a non-pool environment. Pacing, swimming form and race strategies unique to open water are offered here which make an essential difference on race day!

Track Consultation:

One-on-one coaching for form, effort,technique etc. on the track outdoors.Targeted to improve form AND/or speed training. Threshold assessment takes place here as well.

Private Yoga Instruction:

Flexibility is incredibly important to the athlete, and it may be harder to achieve when done in a group setting. Get one-on-one time with Coach Sandy who can explain yogic concepts and postures as they apply to you and your body, your lifestyle, and your experience. For more information visit the Yoga page.

Nutrition Consultation:

Provide advice on general eating and fueling strategies. Suggest tested ergogenic aids, hydration strategies, tapering/prerace loading, race fueling, etc. Discuss eating out vs. eating in, share recipe ideas and sources for products, staples and tools in the kitchen. Introduction to alternative eating styles (paleo, vegetarian, vegan, etc.).

Gear Consultation/Shopping:

Provide assistance on acquiring gear and apparel for any of the three sports. Share special discount codes. Shop in the store with you to offer advice on choices, fits, and price points.

Race Prep Consultation:

Provide race day timeline planning; such as hydration, fueling, resting, and mental management. Go over a gear checklist and layout/shipping strategies for races away from home.

Mental Consultation:

Advice on mental strategies and solutions for training AND racing. Reassess goals and wishlists. Breathing/arousal level coaching. Visualization techniques and more!

Youth Training:

One-on-one coaching specifically geared to the young athlete! Available for swimming, biking, running, or fitness in general. Help the child in your life gain a life-long appreciation for physical fitness!

Speaking Engagements

Speaking engagements for any size group on topics such as: General Fitness, Triathlons, Nutrition/Race Fueling and more! Targeted audiences of adults or youth in school, corporate or small group settings. Price will vary. Please email Sandy Ziya for details.

Race Directing Services

Sandy Ziya is experienced in the planning, execution and oversight (“production”) of your event. For more information visit the Race Directing page.