About Sandy Ziya

Sandy  Ziya, Acupuncture Physician at Meridians and Marathons

Sandy Ziya

Acupuncture Physician
USA Triathlon Level 1 Certified Coach
USA Swimming Coach
NASM Certified Personal Trainer
Certified Power Yoga Instructor


Training Peaks Certified Coach

Acupuncture Physician.

In the summer of 2015 Sandy Ziya moved to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to continue coaching, training and race directing. Feeling that her practice was missing the critical component of how to help her athletes through pain and injuries, she started attending Oriental Medicine School in Fort Lauderdale (ATOM).  In 2018, she graduated as an acupuncture physician and has added acupuncture, cupping, and laser treatments to her offerings. Sandy has been treating patients in her practice located within Zen Mind Space since October 2018.


Sandy Ziya’s love of triathlon started several years ago when she participated in her first a "women's only" un-timed triathlon event in Omaha, Nebraska. Now, a full-time coach and mother of four, she has every triathlon distance under her belt in a variety of venues.

In late 2007, Sandy began her career coaching triathlon at Lifetime Fitness, spreading her love of the sport to athletes of all ages. She launched the ever-growing Kids Triathlon Race in Omaha, started a Kids Tri Club, Running Club and Endurance Club. In 2013, Sandy left Lifetime Fitness to dedicate herself full-time to her own coaching business, SwimBikusRun. Sandy has since encouraged and enabled athletes from ages five to 65 to personal bests on a journey of fitness that is truly addictive.

Omaha Women's Triathlon designated Sandy two years in a row as their "official coach." In 2014 she was voted “Best Endurance Coach in Omaha” by Omaha Magazine.


Sandy Ziya has been practicing yoga since 2010 as a way to support her “real” endeavor of triathlon. After a very short while she found that she appreciated yoga on its own merit and have respected it more each day.

In 2014, Sandy received her Power Yoga Certification from Omaha Power Yoga under Jeff Beaudoin, Ph.D. Sandy has a unique style of yoga steeped in Ashtanga with a blend of strength, balance and core work unlike anything you have previously experienced resulting in a full body exercise for any “body”.

Ever the fitness and healthy lifestyle advocate, today she practices acupuncture and sports injury/pain management; organizes weekly workouts and training sessions including video analysis; writes custom training plans for every financial AND time budget; offers gear/race day consulting; provides nutrition coaching;  and teaches yoga. She also still finds the time to actively compete and race.

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