Praise for Dr. Sandy Ziya

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Dr. Sandy Ziya employs many different modalities in her Functional Medicine Practice

Praise for Dr. Sandy Ziya…

  • Melissa’s experience with Dr. Ziya | testimonial
    Dr. Sandy Ziya, functional medicine practitioner at Meridians and Marathons, has changed my life.
  • Kelia’s Success Story | testimonial
    I am Kelia Dubas, mother of two young girls and professional working in the insurance industry. Two years ago, I aspired to achieve a goal of meeting the gold standard of “Qualifying for Boston.” I threw the idea out to my triathlon coach who right away said, “you WILL qualify.”  So, training began while balancing […]
  • A few words in favor of acupuncture…
    I loved running, it helped me get in better physical shape and lose 52 pounds. Unfortunately, the years of running on hard surfaces took a toll on my knees and I wound up with osteoarthritis in both, the right worse than the left. I finally had to have an arthroscopy on the right knee and […]
  • Katie’s Success Story | testimonial
  • Jessie’s Success Story | testimonial
    My triathlon journey started February 2011 with a goal of doing the Hy-Vee Triathlon in September. I needed a personal goal for myself to keep motivated to stay in shape and maintain good health. I figured what better way than to swim, bike and run. I had always been a runner, but the swimming and […]
  • Ben’s Success Story | testimonial
    Wow, what can we say…….. THANK YOU!!!!!! What an amazing experience. We have been dealing with coaches for YEARS with the boys and you are THE BEST ONE EVER!!!!!!! Ben doesn’t want it to be over, but the boys have baseball tournaments the weekend of the Youth Summer Tri Camp. Ben will be back next […]
  • Liz’s Success Story | testimonial
    Sandy Ziya is passionate about everything she does – as a wife, as a parent to four busy children, as a health conscious foodie, as a dedicated athlete, and of course, as a triathlon coach. She takes her job seriously and takes pride in her athletes. She wants them to succeed of course, but she […]
  • Steve’s Success Story | testimonial
    Three years ago Charlie and I were watching some sports program and chanced onto a program on the Ironman Race in Hawaii. “Could I do that?” I wondered at the time. Molly and I are sitting at a very pleasant Bed and Breakfast, enjoying the Montana mountain wild flowers out our window. It has been […]
  • Tyler’s Success Story | testimonial
    I heard about the Life Time Fitness Kid’s Triathlon and the Kid’s Tri Class and signed up for both. Sandy was extremely helpful in preparation for my first triathlon last June. When I did the Lifetime Kid’s Triathlon, I loved it and was hooked. Before my second triathlon, Sandy gave me some open water swim […]
  • Joseph’s Success Story | testimonial
    Sandy Ziya immediately helped me get to know people in town who were pursuing fitness as a way of life. She is a triathlete, and long ago told me she would eventually suck me into it. I claimed this would never happen, but as I watched her and some other friends develop in the sport, I began to get […]
  • Craig’s Success Story | testimonial
    I first met Sandy in December of 2010. I was coming off a year of firsts including my first ever triathlon of any distance (Kansas 70.3). While I should have been happy with this accomplishment, the disappointment at Kansas continued to bother me. In addition to losing my timing chip coming out of T1, my swim […]
  • Lisa’s Success Story | testimonial
    The 2012 season is off to a great start, it’s my sixth year in triathlon! Last year I finally found some guts to take on a full Ironman at IMCanada and had an awesome experience. Most of this I attribute to a great season of coaching and preparation by Coach Sandy. I invested time with […]