Liz’s Success Story | testimonial

Sandy Ziya is passionate about everything she does – as a wife, as a parent to four busy children, as a health conscious foodie, as a dedicated athlete, and of course, as a triathlon coach.

She takes her job seriously and takes pride in her athletes. She wants them to succeed of course, but she wants them to do it right. There are countless times that she has stayed up much later than any human should, just to review athletes’ progress, or to create their next week’s plans. She calls them, she checks on them, and she holds them accountable for their goals.She will watch, observe and demonstrate proper form, technique and the science behind it all. Through her coaching, I have learned so much about technique and form for all three sports – running, swimming and biking. When I am not actually training with her, I find myself reviewing what I’ve learned from her – because if I do it right, I will get even better. And without a doubt, I have gotten better and faster in each respective sport.

She continues to amaze me each week with her endless amount of ideas, plans and ways to make it fun yet challenging. All at the same time, she makes me feel like I am her only client; regardless of the fact that my goals may be smaller than some of her other clients.

She is the ideal coach for anyone who needs serious motivation. She will not ever let you give up, nor will she give up on you!

Liz trained for her triathlon with Coach Sandy Ziya of Meridians & Marathons
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