A few words in favor of acupuncture…

I loved running, it helped me get in better physical shape and lose 52 pounds. Unfortunately, the years of running on hard surfaces took a toll on my knees and I wound up with osteoarthritis in both, the right worse than the left. I finally had to have an arthroscopy on the right knee and was pretty much back to normal for a few months. Then the pain came back, not as bad as before the surgery but it affected my ability to exercise.

I was trying to put off the inevitable knee replacement surgeries long as possible, so I tried various treatments. I had cortisone injections in my knee, topical steroid cream,arthritis strength Tylenol, NSAIDs, gel injection to provide cushioning against bone to bone. All worked in varying degrees for a time but then the pain would worsen. I decided to look at an alternative form of treatment and had heard good things about CBD oil, so I decided to give it a try and it did help.

When a friend graduated from acupuncture school in Florida, my husband contacted a local Omaha acupuncture facility to ask about ideas for a graduation gift. I starting wondering if acupuncture might help my knee pain. I had my first treatment on August 21st, and the results were fabulous. I went twice a week for 2 weeks then once a week for 2 weeks and am now set to go once every 2 weeks. I can say that acupuncture has made a tremendous difference. I’m now almost completely pain free, able to exercise more and even run for 15-20 minutes on a soft track or treadmill. I would encourage others to look at acupuncture as a treatment.

testimonial for acupuncture
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