Melissa’s experience with Dr. Ziya | testimonial

Dr. Sandy Ziya has changed my life.
If you have felt unheard, mismanaged, misdiagnosed or just plain let down by Western medicine it may be time to get down to basics and take charge of your health with a functional approach. We are not powerless. There is no “magic pill”. We should not be treating just the symptoms of our ailments but finding out and healing the root cause on a whole body, multi-dimensional level.
I knew none of this when I first came to Sandy but she took the time to listen, explain and work with me and for me at my own pace. It may seem overwhelming at first, but I promise you it becomes manageable and is SO worth it. Sandy is there every step of the way as a doctor, cheerleader, educator and friend.
Melissa's testimonial for Dr. Ziya at Meridians and Marathons

Melissa talks about her experience with Functional Medicine and Dr. Ziya on her youtube channel

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