Guidance during COVID-19

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Dr. Sandy Ziya of Meridians & Marathons

New Information for my Patients;

I have some updates that I want to share and will continue to do so as new information becomes available to me and my patients.

I’ll put these out and just read through them. If you have questions know that you can reach out to me because informed means less stressed and anxious overall.

In my practice, I prescribe botanicals, nutraceuticals and supplements. However, due to the nature of the SARS cov-2 virus, for now, hold off on supplementing with vitamins A and D beyond 1000 IU’s and with the propolis bee spray and royal jelly. These have a modulatory effect by their nature in human biochemistry – meaning they can up-regulate or down-regulate a function based on what is needed. The effect of the virus on these vitamins is they can actually turn inflammation on to a level the body cannot manage effectively. You may continue to eat foods that have these vitamins in them.

As always, if you have any questions, please reach out to me. I am fully prepared and positioned to consult with you via telemedicine.

Be well, stay safe and stay sane,

~ Dr. Sandy Ziya

This does not constitute medical advice in any way, if you have questions about your personal health situation contact Dr. Ziya OR other licensed medical provider.

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