Dr. Ziya’s COVID-19 message

To my Patients;

Please know that you are supported and cared for either virtually or in person as we go through these trying times. Here are some tips and strategies that I would use to contain this virus and protect yourself and keep those around you protected.

Get your sleep.

As we all transition to working remotely from home and managing families and children, one of the best things we can do for ourselves to adapt is to manage our mindfulness and sleep. One of the beautiful things about being home right now is we can really amp up our quality and quantity of sleep to support our immune system. Instead of worrying about that and lamenting, shut it down early and get extra sleep. I myself have been ending my night earlier than normal,  doing double meditations to aid in shutting down my body and getting an average of 8 + hours of sleep.

If you’re struggling with sleep, try at least going to bed and doing something restful like journaling, reading, or meditating. This will still be helpful for your overall immune support. Keep in mind my standard advice about good sleep hygiene and creating a sleep sanctuary in your home, particularly in your bedroom, to support overall sleep quality. If you continue to struggle with insomnia or anxiety, I can help you through treatments and nutraceuticals. Don’t hesitate to reach out for support.

Eat well.

When it comes to your nutrition, keeping things as fresh and organic as possible as well as staying hydrated is a good way to support your immune system. As challenged as we are with the stress, the awareness that I want you to have is the temptation towards eating mindlessly (especially sugar and alcohol) to soothe anxiety. Those are going to amp up your overall glucose, which is not going to support your immune system, and it’s also going to disrupt your sleep.

Fasting continues to be a great idea, in particular intermittent fasting such as limited fasting,  restricted fasting, or restricted time eating. You may not need the excess calories right now, especially if you are one of the people who have cut way back on their exercise and are limited to home practices which may actually reduce your calorie expenditure. Long-term fasts are not advised at this time, because they may put too much stress on the immune system.Keep the detoxification pathways completely open so that you are using the restroom on a regular basis.


If you haven’t cultivated of mindfulness practice by now; now is a great time to do so. There is a lot of stress and anxiety primarily because of all the uncertainty ahead of us. A mindfulness practice is going to help your body not overreact and create more stress hormones. I have a couple of apps that I use and can recommend, but if you have an app that you have available and you haven’t been religious to it,  now is a really good time to start again.

Get outdoors.

Another way that I manage stress and help my body detoxify bad energy is through what I call grounding (some call it earthing), which is basically going outside, taking off your shoes and connect to the earth with your bare feet. For me, the beach is my ideal place to practice grounding. Walking, or at least standing or even sitting barefoot and having your feet in the sand is going to help create a balance of all of that electricity that’s creating a lot of anxiety in the body right now, especially as we use more and more technology and are exposed to more EMS in our home by using our phones and electronics. Check local beaches before you go, some of them may be closed or restricted at this time. If you can’t get to the beach, get outside in the grass or in the dirt, take your shoes off and walk. Being outside in the sunshine getting vitamin D and fresh air is good for your health.

I realize that some people don’t have access to warm weather or sun, so another way to promote well-being is red light therapy. If you don’t have an infrared lamp in your home, there are still centers that are open and accessible for you to use. I also have a Joovv infrared light therapy device available in my clinic for my patients who are local.


Movement is essential for our well-being. Try to get in some physical activity daily – outdoors if possible. If you need some ideas or some easy exercises to do while sheltering in place, please reach out to me.


As many of us are doing home delivery services, please be aware that the boxes, containers and even the mail that’s coming in may be contaminated. There is a lot of suspicions about how long this virus can live on surfaces. I’m not bringing anything in the house without opening it outside with gloves, taking the packaging directly to the trash can and then spritzing the contents of whatever I’m bringing inside with a sanitizer. So that’s a strategy to consider as well.

Washing your clothes, towels and bedding on a more regular basis is definitely going to help combat this virus as well, especially if you have to go out to public locations. When I come home from fetching supplies, I remove my clothes, turning them inside out to minimize exposure and put them directly in the washer.

When cleaning your home, make sure you focus on high-touch areas such as faucet handles, doorknobs, stair rails and countertops. To decontaminate a surface, you can’t just swipe it, you’ve got to scrub it, really scrub it until the entire surface is wet, and then let it dry on its own. Be wary of cleaners that contain just fragrance or essential oils – they are not going to kill coronavirus. Likewise vinegar has not shown to be effective at killing the coronavirus. Soap and water, a bleach solution (5 tablespoons of bleach in one gallon of water), hydrogen peroxide, or rubbing alcohol (at least 70% alcohol) will work. Be aware that these can be damaging to your surfaces, so spot test them. Hand sanitizers have to have a minimum of 60% alcohol to be effective.

Minimize exposure.

Try to stay away from places where people gather. If you must go out, keep at least a 6-foot range. If someone does cough or sneeze nearby, that’s a really good time to move away from this person. Wash your hands often, and especially upon returning to your home.


At Meridians and Marathons, I am poised and ready for consulting via online video and/or audio confererences. This is a great way to stay connected, get advice, and remain fully supported while minimizing risk. This is available whether you live down the street or across the globe. Please use the link below to schedule.

What I strive for with my patients is knowing what your wellness is and create a health model for you long term. This is exactly why I do what I do: so that not if but when these things challenge us in the world, you will be more resilient to be able to respond.

As an FYI, supply chains are being affected and if you are getting low or want to prepare for anything that you may anticipate needing or wanting, please let me know immediately so I can get supplies ordered for you. As always, dropship is available for your convenience.

This does not constitute medical advice in any way, if you have questions about your personal health situation contact Dr. Ziya OR other licensed medical provider.

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