Staying strong this winter in the time of COVID

Staying healthy this winter in the time of COVID.

Holiday Season is Upon US!

A few reminders as we move into winter —  here’s how to stay strong in the time of COVID fears.

EVALUATE: Get your blood chemistry evaluated. If you don’t know that you have underlying issues how do we manage them or prevent them into rooting into disease?

SWEAT: Daily. Every part of your body needs it.  Do NOT use the failure of others to show up or lack of perfect weather to deter you. Find “excuses” to get it done despite these “challenges”. 

BREATHE: Deeply. Fit this in your schedule as this has been proven to have an effect on the brain. Use an app for meditation. There are MANY apps out there to guide you, focus you and keep you accountable. My current go to is HEADSPACE.

SLEEP: Create a sanctuary around sleep. Find pleasure in signing off two hours before sleep. Dim or use ambient lights as I do. Sprinkle sheets with lavender oil. Nix sugar (fruit) alcohol, tobacco before bed.  Get to sleep to provide ample enough hours to feel refreshed and sweat (as mentioned above!).

SUPPLEMENT: If you’ve heard me speak you know we don’t guess. Know what you need! We use precision medicine at Meridians and Marathons not whack-a-mole approach. See above on blood chemistry.

Vitamin D chart from Meridians and Marathons

As you can see from the chart above, Vitamin D has a direct impact on COVID risk and outcomes.  When was the last time yours was measured? What form if any of supplementation are you taking? These are critical not only for COVID risk for overall health, cardiac risk, and cancer, to name a few.

COMMUNITY: We are tribal. Please don’t forget that. Hiding out is making us more depressed lonely and sick. Seek others, seek engagement. Walk, dine, laugh, sweat. Don’t have many friends? Make some! How do you do that? Get out of the house! 🙂

ACUPUNCTURE THERAPY:This is healing because it “moves blood” and thus promotes energy production, circulates nutrients and moves lymph.    

If you are an athlete or sweat heavily, electrolytes are a MUST.  My go to here is LMNT available in several flavors. Order online — I do not sell them.

RED LIGHT THERAPY: This is the work of our friend Vitamin D, the hormone! Essentially, all the benefits of vitamin D (immune activation) are via the JOOVV light. This also promotes sleep, recovery and hormone production. Available in my clinic! If you feel something a little off this can go a long way in quicker healing.

Finally, vaccines both for the flu and COVID do not appear to be risk-free NOR do we know how effective they will be. The therapies above are both.

If you require a COVID test for work or travel opt for the blood serum version, which I can order for you.

If you should contract the flu or COVID, contact me for a supportive protocol.

 As always, staying home, resting, and supplementing are the best remedies when we are sick!!

Final reminder, consider stocking up or at least not procrastinating when you need supplements as supply chains may be affected this winter.

In your service ~

Dr. Ziya

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