Journey to Good Health | 7.29.20 at Sidewalk Chef Kitchen

Dr. Sandy Ziya shared some of her immunity tips at the Sidewalk Chef Cafe, focusing on Functional Medicine prevention tips. We all enjoyed a healthy tasty meal from Chef Shashank, while learning new ways to boost our immune system and stay healthy without the use of pharmaceuticals. Dr. Ziya recommends using the S words, sleep, supplements, (good quality) sweat, sea and sun to boost our health levels. Stay tuned for the second event at Sidewalk Chef Kitchen in August!

Journey to Good Health July event

Functional Medicine Dr. Sandy Ziya of Meridians and Marathons, shares tips for how to stay healthy and strong during these difficult times. Empower, educate, and energize yourself on the journey to stay immune-strong!

Posted by Sandy Ziya – Meridians and Marathons on Wednesday, July 29, 2020

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