What are Meridian Points?

If you are new to Traditional Chinese Medicine, you may be wondering what Meridians are and why Dr. Sandy Ziya named her practice after them. In acupuncture and Chinese medicine, meridians are  a set of pathways in the body along which vital energy is said to flow. There are twelve such pathways associated with specific organs.

What are Meridians?

Meridians are channels through which qi (energy) and the other fundamental substances of life flow. Think of them like a network or highway – a vast network of invisible energy pathways connecting to each other and every cell, bone, organ and tissue in your body. Meridians are similar to the cardiovascular system and lymphatic system, and act as a third circulatory system called  the primo-vascular system which conducts bio-electrical and vibrational energy.

What do they Do?

While the collective system of meridians in your body is large, there are 12 primary meridian points that are considered to be the most important in acupuncture. These meridians run on each side of the body, mirroring each other and each meridian corresponds to an internal organ, forming a yin and yang pair.  Energy and blood flow through these meridians as well as information that sends signals that help regulate body temperature, when to release water, emotion, etc. to help coordinate organ function.

As long as qi (energy) flows freely, your body remains balanced and healthy. However, illness, injury, trauma, stress, or poor living habits (diet, addictions, lack of exercise) can cause your body’s meridians to become clogged or blocked. This will affect the function of the corresponding organ, and ultimately the whole body-mind-spirit.

How does Functional Medicine Help?

This is where Traditional Chinese Medicine comes in. A licensed TCM or Functional Medicine Physician, such as Dr. Sandy Ziya, has been trained to recognize and stimulate energy points in these meridians to stimulate healing through a variety of treatment modalities. Food, herbs, acupuncture, acupressure, cupping, laser therapy and more can help unblock the meridians so qi (energy) can flow freely again.

Are you feeling pain, lethargic, anxiety or just generally off your game? Schedule a consultation with Dr. Ziya to  help you restore your zen.



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Meridians of the body

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